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We offer a real alternative to car rental!


The Peugeot Open Europe package* is exclusively reserved for non-EU residents. Very close to a car rental, it allows you to drive a brand new Peugeot car during your vacation in Europe for 21 to 175 days (6 months).

Your car solution can now be tailored to meet your exact needs. Pick up and drop off your car in the city of your choice (41 points across Europe).

We offer the optimal car solution for your European vacation.


Book on-line right now and take advantage of our offer !


* 96% OF OUR CUSTOMERS SATISFIED (2013 Ipsos loyalty survey)


An all inclusive package

Peugeot Open Europe offers you an all inclusive package without any extra charges.

It is exclusively reserved for non-European Union residents and offers you many advantages:

- New duty-free car
- Unlimited mileage
- Contracts from 21 to 175 days
- Free delivery of your vehicle to train stations and airports in 21 French cities and in Geneva (13 other European cities are served for a partial transportation fee).
- Multiple risk, insurance with no access (covering civil liability, passengers, broken glass, legal costs, fire and theft)
- 24 hour assistance
- 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee

We can also propose a wide range of equipment for each model. 

After your stay, Peugeot Open Europe offers you, or your family and friends, the possibility to purchase the car!


WATCH online a short video and learn everything you need to know about Peugeot Open Europe! (Click on the link below)



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Peugeot Open Europe, the magic of a service

Student offer

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All details of the offer if you are a student

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